Alonso at the Indy 500…..

Personally, I think this is a great PR initiative from McLaren (reportedly it was their idea) – it comes at a time when McLaren really need some positive press.

Alonso is a truly class act, thought by many to be the most complete driver in F1…..I think he could win it, if unreliability doesn’t intervene.

He has the Andretti team behind him, and Gil de Ferran as his mentor, so its up to him really ! I’ll definitely be watching it this year.

Thoughts, people ?

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One thought on “Alonso at the Indy 500…..”

  1. Well I was spot on – Fernando was on course to win the event at his first attempt (up till his retirement from the race, he actually had the highest average speed of the whole field) He was making up ground from the latest pit stop, and was pulling off some audacious passes on the series regulars.

    To be sidelined by a Honda engine failure was cruel, especially with his experiences with Honda power of late in F1 !

    He got a standing ovation from the crowd – which was very well deserved.

    Now a PR nightmare for Honda……you couldn’t make it up could you ?

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