Last chance to join our GP Predictor league !

UNDER 20 hrs to go before you have to be registered for GP PREDICTOR 2017 – Fantasy Formula One !


The opening race is this weekend, so if you want to join our free “racing is everything” league on the gp predictor, just jump onto and copy/paste this code when prompted. It’s easy.


Then, choose your top ten for the first race, anytime before qualifying on Saturday. Simples.You can then either leave those predictions to carry forward throughout the season, or change them nerd style like me ! We have 6 in the league at present, the more the merrier !

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Happily married to Jen with many children and now grandchildren, we live on acreage in northern NSW with 2 dogs, a Pug called Lulu, a Labrador called Molly, 5 horses and a Tonkinese cat called Claude. I'm a motorsport fanatic and have competed extensively in the UK, France and now Australia, mainly in Alfa Romeo and Lotus cars. Put simply, if it has wheels, I'm interested in it !

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